Monday, September 19, 2016

Interview with a Moto-Vlogger: The Tartan Visor

After a summer of watching talented Moto-Vloggers and admiring them for making such great videos on youTube I reached out to a few to put together this series. Some were kind enough to take the time to let me pick their brains and force them to ‘write’ in order to bring to you an inside glimpse of who they are and why they do what they do.  

So without further ado lets get to know the person behind the video camera....   

Rider Name: Tartan Visor
Real Name:     Jim
Location:       Scotland

TFC: When did you start riding & why?

Jim: I passed my test in Feb 2003 but didn't get my first bike until 2005/2006 but it was just a 125cc for getting to work and even then I only had it for a year. This year (2016) is when I started to take full advantage of it. I've always wanted a bike and I love the freedom you get from it and meeting like minded bikers.

TFC: How did you come by your rider name? 

Jim: I choose it myself when I started moto-vlogging. I'm Scottish so thats where the "Tartan" bit comes from and "Visor" as the viewer is kind of seeing from my perspective.

TFC: What do you ride now? 

Jim: I have a Kawasaki ZX7R Ninja

TFC: Does your bike have a name?

Jim: Yes! She's called Nina....Nina the Ninja :)

TFC: What made you decide to start Moto-Vlogging?

Jim: I've seen various moto-vloggers and a good few of them have said "if you think that you can do it, then just go out there and try it!" so I did :)

Bike Meet
TFC: What type of equipment do you use to produce your videos? 

Jim: I now use 2 cameras for capture. My main cam is the original Drift HD720 (didn't want to spend to much if I didn't like it, so picked it up second hand). The other cam is a little cheap one called kitvision splash action camera. For editing I use a Toshiba laptop (it's a few years old) and I've just started using Sony Vegas Pro 13, before that I used Power Director 11

TFC: What is the most challenging part of putting together your videos?

Jim: I've got a bad habit of making my vlogs long! So cutting out a lot of footage while still making sure the vlog makes sense is probably the hardest thing lol

TFC: Any advice for someone wanting to get into Moto-Vlogging?

Jim: Just the same that got me into it! If you think you can do it and want to try it then go out there and do it! You don't need to have the latest all singing all dancing equipment to do it either! Just get the basics and go for it! If you need help there's plenty of vloggers that will be willing to help you on your me! Just ask :)

TFC: I have a moto-bucket list of places I would love to ride my bike someday. If you could ride your bike anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Jim: I would have to say Canada. I love the place!  I've been there many times while I was serving in the Army, so I got to see a good bit of it. The last time I was there was for just over a month to do various climbs in the Canadian Rockies, so jumping on a Harley Road King and traveling through Banff, Jasper and Canmore would be mind idea of pure heaven!

TFC: Any last words or advice for motorcyclists?

Jim: Nothing I can say that most bikers don't already know, so I'll just leave it with "Ride Safe!"

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