Saturday, November 5, 2016

Game of 4's

My last entry was a few weeks ago, more of a filler blog that went over what I had been up to since doing my series on Vloggers. I really had not planned to write anything until I was back in Florida and re-united with my motorcycle. But this morning as I was doing my usual ritual of checking my social pages I came across a posting in Facebook from my vlogger friend The Tartan Visor.

Seems ‘The Tartan Visor’ has nominated me to play this Game of 4’s. I have to admit, I had no idea what it was at first. Lucky for me he explained it at the start of his Vlog because doing a Google search for “What is game of 4’s” was useless! Although, I am now knowledgeable about the Game of Thrones and Fallout 4.

Anyway, this game is just about answering 4 questions with 4 answers to each question and then nominate another four people to do the same. I am not so sure how it works with bloggers, but it is very popular with the vlogger community.
What the heck, I will give it a shot.

Oh and before I forget,  here are my nominees to play the Game of 4’s.
Eric – Indian48   
Dar – Princess Scooterpie  
Sonja – Find me on the road Thanks Sonja for stepping up and playing!

Q1: What is your favorite food?
Well as far as food goes I am not one of those people who ‘love to eat’. I am so fussy when it comes to food it is amazing that I eat anything at all. If I were a vegetarian I would starve to death and as a carnivore I don’t really make a good one because if I think too much that I am eating an animal I can’t swallow another bite. Besides, I have a lot of quirks when it comes to eating, so many that I won’t even get into it, but I am sure you will get the idea …

Steak: I like steak, but here is the catch, it has to be a lean one, like a sirloin never a porterhouse and has to be cooked very well done. Even a hint of pink in it and my throat closes up. And don’t doctor it all up with spices either. A bit of salt and a dash of pepper is plenty of seasoning for me. (I am not a big fan of pepper, but over the years I have seasoned meat with it because other people like it, so it is more from habit than something I like. (But if there is too much pepper, forget it)

Potatoes: I love potatoes, boiled, mashed, baked or fried. Must be the Irish in me. I like them so much I have been known to eat a Potato Sandwich. For those who have never heard of one I will explain. Of course, you would cook the potato first, (although as a kid I loved eating raw potatoes) then mash it or slice it, doesn’t really matter, just as long as you can get it on the bread. Add a glob of butter on the potato before putting it on the bread. Then butter a slice of bread, put them together and yum! 

I have to give an honorable mention to French Fries. Fries with salt and vinegar to be exact. I have been told it is a Canadian thing, but probably has been passed down from Britain. And no, not that cider vinegar that they serve you in the states, has to be white vinegar.  Another thing I do is when I eat a hamburger I put French fries (vinegar included) on it. I have been doing that since I was a kid, way before it became a trend at restaurants. (Let’s just say it started a very, very long time ago) And for the record my hamburger is always plain. It is actually a bonus to like plain hamburgers; when you are at a fast food place, you are guaranteed a fresh cooked burger! 

This is what Scoobi-doo macaroni looks like
Macaroni & Cheese: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, as opposed to the stuff you get out of a box,  (You know who you are… Kraft Dinner) and made with Velveeta or Cheddar cheese with Elbow macaroni or my new favorite, Scoobi-doo macaroni. (I do confess, I did go on a Kraft dinner binge as a kid but I am an adult now, sort of...)

As close as I could find without having to cook it

Eggs & Potatoes: This is a creation I have made when I don’t know what to eat or I have left overs. I fry up some left-over potatoes then crack an egg over it and scramble it in. If I have some left-over meat like pork or beef (pretty much any kind of meat will work) I will throw that in too.  When I am really adventurous I will melt cheddar cheese over it. 

Q2: Favorite Drink
I probably drink a lot more than I eat. Not that water is my favorite, but I can’t leave the house without a bottle of water, especially if I am on my motorcycle. 

Tea: Tea is my caffeine boost in the morning, I never liked coffee.  And none of those fancy herbal ones either. Has to be Red Rose (which is a black orange pekoe tea).  Milk and sugar please.

Pepsi: I don’t drink as much of it as I used to, probably a good thing. I am down to one a day now, and sometimes I don’t even finish a whole can. Must be an age thing or maybe it is more because I don’t use it as a mix with my alcohol anymore. 

Vodka: Up until a year ago my ‘go to’ alcoholic drink of choice was Smirnoff Vodka and Pepsi, with lots and lots of ice. Never cared for the taste of alcohol so naturally Vodka was the perfect choice.  Maybe I just like Vodka because it is made from potatoes…

Wine: I have replaced my usual afternoon cocktail with wine. I feel so grown up now. Not just any wine though, has to be White Zinfandel mixed with Tonic Water and has to have some ice in it. 

Q3: Places I have been
I have only been a few places, not near as many as I want to. But I do have a bucket list started that I continually add to. Maybe I should get working on it... 

Quebec: Within my own country of Canada, I have only been to one other province. That was when I was a kid and went on a student exchange to Quebec. I can hardly remember most of it now, but I recall I stayed with a very nice family in Laval and they took me to the Laurentian Mountains. In case you are wondering, my French never improved from the experience.

Germany: My BF is from Germany and we visited his hometown of Oberboihingen a few years back. Germany is an awesome place and is rich in history. I fell in love with the architecture and the quaint villages. Everything is so accessible there, either by walking or a train ride. Visiting the wineries was amazing, and so was the wine! 

Italy: While we were in Germany we made a side trip to Italy and stayed for a few days. I loved exploring the quaint villages and I ended up with an obsession of taking pictures of the unique doors on the old buildings. We stayed in Eppan in South Tyrol and I was surprised to learn that most of the community also spoke German. The area where we stayed just happened to be a popular vacation spot for German tourists. Too bad I speak as much German as I do Italian! But my BF is fluent in German and translated, besides as long as I could order a glass of wine.. “Ein Glas Wein bitte” (A glass of wine please) What more did I really need to say.

Florida: Florida as you may know is more of a ‘home away from home’ for me now. The weather is of course my favorite part. I love seeing the Palm Trees and it was in Florida that I really got most of my experience riding a motorcycle. Also, everything just seems so bright and colourful there, especially coming from a wintery Canada where it seems there are more dark and dreary days than sunny ones at that time of the year. 

Q4: Names that I am known by
I actually have more than four names that I have been known by, but the game says only four... 

Sandy: I guess first and foremost the name I am most known by would be ‘Sandy’. I was given that name at birth and it stuck. 

Sandy Beach: When I was in High School I used to get called ‘Sandy Beach’. A friend even made me a T-shirt with that name on it for my birthday. I still have it somewhere, I never throw anything out, the problem is where the hell did I put it!

River: Years ago, like back in 1996 when there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook, people used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) the one I gravitated to was Microsoft Comic Chat (Who remembers that?) I had a screen name that I went by, ‘River’. I came up with that name because I lived near the Niagara River at the time. I know, so original (sarcasm) Anyway, that name has since disappeared into the cyber wasteland, kind of like comic chat has.

Frozen Canuck: I guess now I am more known by ‘The Frozen Canuck’. At least when it comes to the Internet. (And if I would consider myself known at all) However, my Twitter friend Fernando likes to call me ‘Snowflake’ and it kind of caught on. Okay, that makes five, but 'Snowflake' sounds so cute!

Well that was fun...