Invitation to The Writing Process Blog Tour

Are you a writer, an author? 

Join ‘The Writing Process’ Blog Tour and spread your ‘word’

The idea behind ‘The Writing Process’ Blog Tour is to answer 4 questions about your own writing on your Blog, then post bios of 3 more writers and links to their Blogs. They then do the same, posting answers to the same questions on their Blog a week later and sharing 3 other writers Blogs. (An electronic version of ‘word of mouth’  JIt is all about sharing and linking back - no money involved, just your time J

If any writer is interested in participating or want further details tweet me @theFrozenCanuck  Or email 

I would love for you to join me in spreading the word!

Did I mention there is no money involved!
and I am not trying to sell you anything, honest! 

It is all about sharing and passing along our blogs.  
My deadline is quickly approaching and I still need 2 more writers to feature. 

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