Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Short Ride is Better Than No Ride


I have been in Florida for 15 days now and haven’t had the chance for a proper reunion with my motorcycle. After getting my Sporty Blue out of storage it got so damn cold out that I had no desire to ride. (I know, blasphemy!) In my defense I was still trying to thaw out from leaving the deep freeze of -37C / -34.6F in Canada. 

Bob Mason Park, LaBelle – River Rd. 
When the weather finally warmed back up again, wouldn’t you know it, I got sick! I eventually got over that unpleasantness and feeling much better now. Today I am super excited as ride day has finally arrived! 

The first ride of the season I usually refer to as the “break in ride”. It is always a familiar route, I find an initial short run helps to jump start my muscle memory and get them pliable again. Also helps the ole’ joints to unseize from all those months of not riding. 

We settled on one of our favorites, River Road towards LaBelle. It was fairly windy, although it was such a warm wind I didn’t even need my extra hoodie. I also didn’t care that there were some dark ominous clouds moving in fast. I just needed to ride. We stopped at our favorite rest stop on this route, Bob Mason Park. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the rain to start, so we decided to cut this ride really short. We did end up getting a little wet, but managed to miss most of the clouds that wanted to split open and drown us. 

I was just so happy that I had a chance to get in some wind therapy and clear the cob webs from my head that had formed over the summer. Even a short ride can re-energize the soul. 

Chirp chillin’ on the saddle bag, although he was quick to get out of the rain when it started.
(Chirp may be made of sugar lol)
FIY – In case you are wondering, Chirp is my own creation. Not to toot my own horn but I will anyway, I created the pattern and lovingly stitched him by hand. 

River Road Route from Alva to Bob Mason Park. (Our round trip was 46 miles / 74 km - Short but oh so sweet)

Sometimes you just gotta spoil yourself. Maybe I just bought myself a few extra things because I turned 53 at the end of the year and figured I deserved it because I never thought I would make it this far LOL 

My new helmet and Harley boots are awesome.  I actually bought them a couple of months ago.  I just love my helmet, I picked it up at Royal Distributing in Barrie, ON. I could spend a fortune in that place, if I had a fortune. 

Chirp trying on the boots for size

My Harley boots I ordered online and even though I had to pay duty charges when they arrived they were worth it. 

I still have an older pair of the same boots that I still wear. I really didn’t need to “break them in” either, they were soft and comfortable the first time I put them on. 

(After my first ride, my boots now have the beginnings of the proudly worn biker toe scuff!)

I must give a Shout Out to Devas Bling who made my custom star decal for my helmet, It Rocks! 

And I would like to say a special Thank You to Lisa from
I appreciated the Christmas card and was deeply touched that she added blingy hearts to put some much needed sparkle back into my life. 
(These Rhinestone Bling Hearts can also be purchased at 

One cannot forget to spoil the two-wheel chariot. I have added a couple of small touches to give my bike a personal feel. 

Loving the awesome Tire Valve Caps.
Thanks a bunch for the gift Lisa! 

A bit of bling from This is a such a cool site to find everything motorcycle related, from accessories to clothes. It is a one stop shopping directory of motorcycle products.  

Don’t forget to check out the BikersGirlBling Blog section where you can follow interesting DIY projects, product reviews and read awesome feature stories of women and their custom rides.
(Yes, I am a little bias, I have written some feature stories for Lisa)

Steel Cowgirl silver decal on my Harley

I am a member of the Steel Cowgirl group on Facebook. This is a group that brings together women from around the world who share their passion of motorcycling. 

Regina runs the group along with the vigilant Skeeter who guarantees a drama free zone. 

Regina also offers her branded logo collection on a wide range of clothing and accessories at

The first thing I did when I got to Florida was order a T-shirt, a patch and a few decals. (I actually could have ordered them in Canada but wanted to save on the duty)

All my goodies from


Even though Chirp tried to confiscate my ‘Steel Cowgirl’ patch,
 I ultimately won the battle and sewed it on my motorcycle jacket. 

I am so looking forward to sharing another great season of wind therapy with you! 
Stay tuned for more of my riding adventures. 

New this year, Chirp will be on Instagram/ if you want to follow! 

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