Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Riding Tiny Beaches

Seems like if we get one nice day, it will surely be followed by four or five crappy ones, so I took advantage of the sunny day on Monday. Temps were mild with just a bit of chill to remind me that we are still a little way off from summer. 

I didn’t mean to take a tour through Thunder Beach on my way to see Cedar Point, although it was a pleasant little side trip meandering through a section of summer cottages and rentals, mixed with immense mansions that overpowered the small quaint community.

I wanted to see the fairy on Cedar Point Rd. that goes over to Christian Island, however, due to covid-19 I was not allowed down the road or anywhere near it. A large lighted sign stated “Residents Only”.  Oh well, I stopped by the Cedar Point Store for a photo op. I am pretty sure that store has seen better days and has been closed for quite some time. 

I continued along Tiny Beaches Rd. Of course, leave it to me to find a little stretch of gravel. At least it wasn’t too bad and only lasted a couple of kilometers.

I wound my way along Tiny Beaches Rd. until it dumped me out at Balm Beach. I pulled along the shore for a photo op and headed home. 

Another time I plan to continue to explore Tiny Beaches Rd. which will lead me to Wasaga Beach.

I admit I had a few turn arounds (ones that I omitted on the route map) and went down a few roads that had me looping back along Champlain Rd to try a second time at getting to Cedar Point. But there is never a wrong road when you are enjoying a ride on a motorcycle. Note to self, Champlain Rd is very twisty, a good one to explore next time.

Motorcycle Route: Cedar Point to Balm Beach along Tiny Beaches Rd. 

Until next time keep,

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride...

Sunday, April 26, 2020

1st Ride of the Season

Oh, what a feeling!
Lafontaine Beach Park – riding along the concessions

After what seemed like a winter that would never end, I finally got out for some much-needed wind therapy. It is hard to believe that just a day ago we were still having snow showers!  Mother Nature finally decided to lighten up and the sun came out warming the air just enough to have a pleasant ride to Lafontaine. 

On my first ride of the season I always like to choose a route that is somewhat short and simple to ease myself back into riding. It is amazing how the ole body isn’t used to it after being dormant all winter. I even got a leg cramp! 

The wind was still is a bit nippy if having to ride at higher speeds, I think the temp got up to 11C (51F) today (Sat April 25). Riding out by the beaches in Tiny it is only 50km (31mph), then on the concessions 80km (50mph).  

The perfect way to social distance while we continue to live through an episode of the Twilight Zone.

My route to Lafontaine via Penetanguishene, ON

Until next time, keep...

Cruising Through Life & Enjoy The Ride...