Monday, May 18, 2020

Riding the Beaches to Collingwood

Sat May 16, 2020 - The long weekend

My travels today took me along Tiny Beaches Road heading towards Collingwood. I started off at Balm Beach this time. I usually stop more on my rides for photo ops, but today seemed more for riding and clearing my head. (hence my sore butt)

There still wasn’t much open, because of Covid-19, but that didn’t stop people from being out and about. (Me included) Mostly walking or riding bicycles, so it was nice there was little traffic on this route. It was a beauty day, however riding along the water still had a sharp chill in the air. 

I made an unintentional stop at Bluewater Beach on Trew Ave. I thought I was still on Tiny Beaches Road. The boardwalk to the beach was closed, as most municipalities around here chose not to open up the beaches on this long weekend.  A father and son were on bicycles and they stopped. The father was pissed off because the boardwalk was closed and hopped over the yellow tape. Claiming that Ford had opened up the provincial parks and “these small municipalities” were always slow to follow. (Tsk, Tsk on him! It was obvious that he wasn’t from around here.) He beckoned for his son to follow as he wanted to take a photo. The son refused. Kudos kid! At least he had the sense his father did not as to why things were still closed. 

Route: Tiny Beaches Road to Collingwood

Once I got to Collingwood, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go. I never have been there so I kind of let my bike choose the way. I ended up going through Nottawa and Duntroon. I found myself out in the middle of farmland and not really sure where I would end up. All I knew is that I would be completely lost if I headed towards the posted signs to Shelburne or even Stayner. (I like the adventure of not using maps lol) I made a couple of left turns and found my way back to the 124. When I got back to Collingwood my instinct told me to turn onto Poplar Side Road. (My instinct was a little off as Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga would have brought me back to Mosely St. sooner, as I later found out) 

I didn’t quite go back the same way sticking to River Rd. out of Wasaga Beach. It was getting late and I was getting thirsty for my glass of wine LOL. It was kind of blind luck that I decided turn down 29 as it brought me directly back onto Tiny Beaches Rd and into Balm Beach. I finally was familiar with the roads again!

You can follow my "lost route back" here: Collingwood, Nottawa, Duntroon and back

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Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride...

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Champlain Rd. through Awenda Park Ride

Sunday May 3, 2020

Lately the weather has been hit and miss. We get one nice sunny day in the low double digits followed by four rainy dreary ones or it snows. When the sun decided to show its glowing rays on Sunday, I didn’t hesitate and took advantage of it, even though there is still an arctic chill in the air. 

My tour took me along Champlain Road with its the scenic views of Georgian Bay. (At least you could see the view when there was a break in the buildings.) There are some nice twisties on this road and I was happy that traffic was pretty much non-existent. I travelled along until I got to Awenda Park Drive. Just be careful as you get to the park as there are some sketchy parts along this road with part gravelly surfaces.  

With no leaves on the trees yet this ride was reminiscent of a late fall ride, at least the chilly air currents were minimal as the trees (albeit naked ones) offered a wind break.  I was thinking I will have to come through here when the landscape looks more alive.

I was just leisurely motoring along and this route just took me 37 min. to ride. When I left the park, I was still wanting more so I took off toward Cedar Point Rd./Tiny Beaches Rd. I stopped on Concession 12 to take in the view and to warm up in the sunshine.

I continued to follow Tiny Beaches Rd until it dumped me out at Balm Beach. That place was buzzing with activity, so I opted not to stop. (besides, I had gotten a photo op there on my last ride)  I continued on into Midland and explored Midland Point Rd. a ways and cut across Curry Road that merged into Tinney Dr. where I found St. Andrews Lake. 
You can see St. Andrews Lake in the back ground behind the swampy overflow.
It is such a shame that a housing development will ruin this little piece of paradise for the animals.

I rode the loop around Gilwood Park Dr. that ended back onto Sand Bay Rd. then onto the main road to Fuller. The chilly air was getting to me and I finally decided it was time to head home. 

It wasn’t the longest ride, but it was so worth it to get on my two wheels and feel the wind upon my face. It is so true that I am my most happiest when I ride and any stress of late just drifts off in the wind. 

Route Champlain Rd. – Awenda Park

Until next time, keep
 Cruising Through Life & Enjoy The Ride