Sunday, August 28, 2016

Coming to a Moto-blog near you...

I know that I do not post as much when I am (working my a** off) here in Canada. If fact my posts are very few and far between, I apologize for that. Really, I just don’t lead that exciting of a life when I am at home and bike-less. I have always thought, if I have nothing worthwhile to say I might as well save my breath, or in this case my fingers. Who really cares that I had a hamburger for supper last night... [Insert awkward silence cricket sound here] ...yeah that is what I thought.  But lucky for you, I have finally come up with an idea that has been rattling around in my head to write about. 

To vlog or not to vlog...
Since I started my motorcycle blog I had always wanted to venture into the world of video. There is so much that I see when I ride, but it never has a chance to get into a still photo on my blog. I would never give up my blog, once a writer always a writer, but I think it sure would be cool to try my hand at a moto-vlog someday. I think that incorporating it into my blog would add an interesting aspect to it. I could be a blovlogger... okay that was just weird.

Tossing it around, I admit I am a little nervous about the whole venture though. Not only the expense of buying the equipment,  I also image there is a bit of a learning curve to them too. (Not to mention I hate the way my voice sounds on a recording - a cross between Mickey Mouse and Lisa Simpson). After some research, I found that video cameras are similar to a regular camera, albeit with varying skill levels. To be honest, my camera is just a point and shoot. Simple and does the job, kinda like me. Half the time I am just pointing it in the direction of what I want to take a picture of and hoping the damn thing takes the shot that I want when I blindly press the button.  (So far that technique seems to work for me). Then there is the editing that is involved to produce a half decent video. I am guessing it would be like editing my blogs only different, ha! BTW there is a lot of babbling that get cuts out before I actually post what I have written... imagine that. 

Then the time factor, working, doing a blog and then adding video into the mix...well wouldn’t that be a shame if I had to quit my day job - hint hint for anyone out there who wants to hire me. The moto-vloggers do make it look easy though, but I know they put a lot of hours into it and I commend them for their hard work just for my pure enjoyment. (heh heh) Anyway, that is just one thing that rattles in my brain when I can’t ride. Best I not get into what else rattles around in there. I guess I will just keep it on the back burner rattling for now and leave it up to the moto-vloggers of the world.... 

Thinking about that led me to think of...
Because I am ‘two-wheel-less’ during the peak time of motorcycling in my neck of the woods I turned to watching Moto-Vlogs.  It sure is helping to ease my separation anxiety and somewhat placates me due to my lack of riding. I really admire those Moto-Vloggers for putting together some top quality footage of their rides and they can be quite entertaining too!

Come to think of it, there is not much of a difference between a Moto-Blogger and a Moto-Vlogger, besides the fact that one is like reading a book and the other watching a movie. Okay there is a difference,  but you know what I mean. We are just people with a passion for our motorcycles and like to share our experiences and knowledge on different platforms to you. 

I recently reached out to a few of the Moto-Vloggers that I have been watching on youTube and some of them were kind enough to take the time to let me pick their brains and force them to ‘write’ in order to bring to you an inside glimpse of who they are and why they do what they do. 

So starting next week I will present my new series.... Interview with a Moto-Vlogger! (Not to be confused with Interview with a vampire - no infringement on copyright is intended, in fact it wasn’t until I made the title that the movie popped into my head... see I am babbling again...)  

 So tune in next week!!! 

If you are a Moto-Vlogger and are interested in getting featured on my new series you can find me on Twitter and send a DM to @theFrozenCanuck or you can email with your youTube channel. I will review your channel and as long as you meet my discriminating values I will contact you. Sorry, but I have to set some standards :)

Cruising through Life & Enjoying the Ride....

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Raising Awareness for Veterans - The Tartan Visor

Since getting back to Canada I started following a lot of moto-vloggers so I could vicariously ride while being bike-less. That and I just enjoy the content that these talented vloggers create. One in particular vlogger who I connected with on Twitter rides over in Scotland and goes by the name of The Tartan Visor. It has been about 3 months since I had connected with him on Twitter, subscribed to his channel on YouTube and have been watching him develop his channel ever since. 

Check him out: #TheTartanVisor 

So today while doing my regular 'Twitter Good Morning' chirps with my Twitter Friends I came across a notification from The Tartan Visor who currently is doing the #22PushupChallenge to combat veteran stress. 

To my surprise he nominated me to do this challenge! 

*Blush* I have to admit, it was cool to hear my name mentioned in his vlog. 

Well seeing I can't even remember the last time I even attempted to do a push-up and the fact that I am blogger not a vlogger I began to think that this challenge (one that I felt I needed to at least do something for because it is such a great cause) was going to present a few problems for me. So as not to disappoint my Tartan friend I decided to do this post to help spread the awareness and hopefully send a few more donations his way. 

So what is it all about? The Tartan Visor is spreading awareness for veterans' mental health issues through raising donations on his moto-vlog. This particular charity is focused in the UK, however veterans from all over suffer the same debilitating symptoms of PTSD. All our veterans are important, so let's give back to these women and men who give so much of themselves for us. 

For those of you who do not know about this charity challenge for veterans; it actually started in the United States at the beginning of 2016. It was a way to create awareness for veterans' mental health issues and PTSD while at the same time donating to the charity. The challenge is to get people to video themselves doing 22 push-ups and then donate to the charity.  

The Tartan Visor has a little bit of a twist on this challenge and has taken the challenge a step further to combine the challenge into moto-vlogging and doing 22 push-ups each vlog over 22 days ending on Aug 28, 2016 with a Bike Meet.

So if any of my followers from Scotland are interested in donating and helping The Tartan Visor raise money for this cause here are all the links in one place: 
The Tartan Visor Facebook 
Bike Meet up info
The Tartan Visor -YouTube 
Follow The Tartan Visor on Twitter  @tartanvisor
About the Charity Combat Stress UK 

Keep the rubber side down my Tartan Friend :)  Great work!

I thought I should also provide these additional links: 
PTSD Association of Canada