Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bikefest Arcadia Florida

(Sat Mar 30, 2019)

We hooked up with TJ & Lynn on Saturday and headed out to the Arcadia Bikefest. It is normally about an hour to get to Arcadia, but we decided we wanted to get more ride time in on such a beautiful day. We headed along North River Rd to 27, then onto 29 and connected onto 70 that leads into Arcadia. 

We had a brief rest stop at the gas station on the corner of 29 & 70. There was a roadside fruit stand and someone selling boiled peanuts. Lynn wanted to try the boiled peanuts but the vendor was napping in her truck so Lynn opted not to wake her. I wonder how many sales the peanut lady missed today.

This was our first time out at the Arcadia Bikefest and I was impressed with the size of this event. We have ridden through Arcadia occasionally but we have never stopped in the quaint town. The event was held on West Oak Street and I immediately noticed that all the buildings were full of character outside and in. The shops along this section were mostly antiques and curious collectibles. We never ventured in them as today was not about that, maybe we will have to further investigate sometime. 

We meandered along the street and took in the sights. Lynn finally got her boiled peanuts from a street vendor.

I am really curious as to who can actually ride this…

This dog’s owner is making a fashion statement;
I just wonder what the dog really thinks about it… 

TJ & Lynn decided to sample the shish kabobs being offered at one of the food vendors. Instead of eating the BF and I decided to check out the stunt bikes instead. As I approached, they were doing burnouts, I got about 20 feet and had to turn back before getting choked to death by the plumes of smoke. Suffice to say I decided to keep a safe distance and went back to sit with TJ & Lynn. The BF stayed and snapped a few pics when they finally decided to do the stunts instead of wearing out their tires. 


On the way home we took 17 and turned onto Bermont Rd (74) to 31. Of course, we couldn’t pass up stopping at the Boathouse Tiki Bar for a cool refreshment. (Actually, that was my plan all along, I wanted to finally try out the menu) TJ and Lynn sipped on a cooling cocktail. I think they were still stuffed from eating at the festival. I bet it was those boiled peanuts that did in Lynn. 

If you like seafood, then this would certainly be the place for you, me not so much; seafood that is. However, I did manage to find something on the menu to appease my delicate discriminating tastes – or a more accurate description, for my extreme fussiness. I had a burger, plain of course with cheddar cheese. The thing was huge and I will be having the rest of it for lunch over the next 3 days. I wasn’t really into the curly fries that came with it, too much seasoning for the likes of me, although the BF enjoyed them with his Lamb Gyro. 

Stopping at the Boathouse was the perfect ending to a great day of riding with friends, Lynn & TJ

Until next time keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride….

Route Going to Arcadia

Route heading home

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bikefest Rockstar Harley & New Hangouts

(Sat March 24-19)
We hooked up with friends this weekend to check out Bikefest at Rockstar Harley Davidson in Fort Myers. I suppose this is a scaled down version of Bike Week in Daytona. Which suites me just fine, I have an aversion to large crowds. 

There were only a few booths to browse, and some food trucks to pig out at. I am guessing today was all about the main event, the bikini contest, which I purposely averted. So instead of taking pictures of that you will have to enjoy these instead….

Checking out the vendors

Cute little Piggys!

Nice artwork on this Indian

After we walked around a bit at Bikefest the plan was to head on over to the Ink Expo. Elaine was hoping to get a new tattoo and I thought it would be a great place to snap a few pics of interesting tats people were sporting. When we got there, we were all shocked that there was a $20 (per person) cover charge to just get in the door! (You would have thought when it was posted on FB that they would have mentioned that) Suffice to say we opted not to go in.  Well that was disappointing, but all was not lost. After the Ink Expo didn’t pan out, Elaine & James showed us a couple of new hangouts.

New Hangouts

We are all about finding places with a patio, after all we are in Florida and I can’t imagine being cooped up inside when you can be out enjoying the sunshine and awesome warm temperatures. Our friends feel the same way and showed us a couple of their favorite places they like to hang out at.

First stop was Rusty’s Raw Bar & Grill. This place is off of Danport & Daniels Parkway on Marketplace Rd. I have it on good authority that the food is good here, although we just came to wet our whistle this time.

We opted to sit at the outdoor bar, it was a little cooler under the roof.

Elaine with her “lunch in a glass” A Bloody Mary with Bacon! 

A little closer to home our next stop was at the Boulevard Deli & Tavern. This place is hidden behind an office park off of Daniels Parkway & Gateway Blvd. on Towne lake Dr. 

I really liked the atmosphere of the patio. We also planned to eat here before heading home. Whenever I am at a new place to eat, I always stick to something that is fairly safe for my “picky eater” tastes. Wings are usually a safe bet. The Boulevard didn’t disappoint, the wings were super crispy and tasty. I of course had my wings naked while the BF got his smothered in garlic. (Glad I ride my own bike) The Boulevard gets my two thumbs up. And the price was right too, $10 for 10 wings! 

Thanks to Elaine & James, we now have two new places to hang out at. 
It was a great day to ride and discover a couple of hidden gems to wet our whistle at. 

Until next time keep 
Cruising Through Life & Enjoying the Ride...

Monday, March 4, 2019

Pine Island -Low Key Tiki & Ragged Ass Saloon

(Sat March 2)

Over the weekend we hooked up with our new biker buddies. We took a ride out to Pine Island to check out the Rubber Duck Races that were being held at the Low Key Tiki  and then on over to the Ragged Ass Saloon 

I am happy to report that I didn’t lose anything off my bike on this trip.

We didn’t realize that the actual duck races  at the Low Key Tiki were not kicking off until 4 pm and we really hadn’t planned on staying there all day. 

So, we grabbed a quick liquid refreshment and listened to some folksy tunes from the band that was playing.

This was the only Rubber Duck we got to see.

We then headed over to the Ragged Ass Saloon for some lunch and stayed to listen to the band that was starting at 2 pm. It wasn’t as busy as we thought it might be at the Ragged Ass, but I was glad because we were able get a table in the shade of the Tiki patio. Besides, me and crowds don't mix well. 

I am not really a "foodie" but I did enjoy the wings that I had and the french fries were especially good with a crispy coating.  I give this “biker friendly bar” with reasonably priced eats and drinks my thumbs up! 

I personally don’t know the guy who flashed me the peace sign as I took this pic, but Elaine mentioned she sees this couple all over the place on their bike. Back at ya buddy!

This band was more my classic rock style. Good Tunes!

(Hey Elaine, who is the guy hogging the front of the stage in our pictures LOL)

Before heading home, we decided to stop at The Boathouse Tiki Bar in Fort Myers. 

Gotta luv that reserved space for motorcycle parking.

The BF and I had sat at the Tiki bar the last time we were here, but I had no idea that you could also sit by the water on a “beach”.  

Our timing was perfect when we brought our drinks down, we had our choice of comfy Adirondack chairs (or Muskoka chairs as we call them) 

We relaxed for a spell around the fire pit and enjoyed the view of the Caloosahatchee River. We still haven't had a meal here yet, but hopefully we get a chance before we head back home to Canada.

No need for a fire today!

The day had turned into quite a scorcher, seems to be a theme this year with the hot humid temps so early in the season. The minute you get off the bike it is instant heat exhaustion, at least for me it was. Kind of like stepping out of a fridge and into a furnace. I am not really complaining, just a little grumbling. There is no way that I would trade places with anyone dealing with the snow and sub-zero temps. Even with the extreme heat it was another amazing day out on the bikes. Great riding, interesting places and spending time with awesome friends.

Need I say that at the end of a long hot ride there is nothing better than a dip in the pool with a glass of wine on the side.

Route to Pine Island: Low Key Tiki & Ragged Ass Saloon / The Boathouse Tiki Bar

Until next time keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride....