Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bikefest Arcadia Florida

(Sat Mar 30, 2019)

We hooked up with TJ & Lynn on Saturday and headed out to the Arcadia Bikefest. It is normally about an hour to get to Arcadia, but we decided we wanted to get more ride time in on such a beautiful day. We headed along North River Rd to 27, then onto 29 and connected onto 70 that leads into Arcadia. 

We had a brief rest stop at the gas station on the corner of 29 & 70. There was a roadside fruit stand and someone selling boiled peanuts. Lynn wanted to try the boiled peanuts but the vendor was napping in her truck so Lynn opted not to wake her. I wonder how many sales the peanut lady missed today.

This was our first time out at the Arcadia Bikefest and I was impressed with the size of this event. We have ridden through Arcadia occasionally but we have never stopped in the quaint town. The event was held on West Oak Street and I immediately noticed that all the buildings were full of character outside and in. The shops along this section were mostly antiques and curious collectibles. We never ventured in them as today was not about that, maybe we will have to further investigate sometime. 

We meandered along the street and took in the sights. Lynn finally got her boiled peanuts from a street vendor.

I am really curious as to who can actually ride this…

This dog’s owner is making a fashion statement;
I just wonder what the dog really thinks about it… 

TJ & Lynn decided to sample the shish kabobs being offered at one of the food vendors. Instead of eating the BF and I decided to check out the stunt bikes instead. As I approached, they were doing burnouts, I got about 20 feet and had to turn back before getting choked to death by the plumes of smoke. Suffice to say I decided to keep a safe distance and went back to sit with TJ & Lynn. The BF stayed and snapped a few pics when they finally decided to do the stunts instead of wearing out their tires. 


On the way home we took 17 and turned onto Bermont Rd (74) to 31. Of course, we couldn’t pass up stopping at the Boathouse Tiki Bar for a cool refreshment. (Actually, that was my plan all along, I wanted to finally try out the menu) TJ and Lynn sipped on a cooling cocktail. I think they were still stuffed from eating at the festival. I bet it was those boiled peanuts that did in Lynn. 

If you like seafood, then this would certainly be the place for you, me not so much; seafood that is. However, I did manage to find something on the menu to appease my delicate discriminating tastes – or a more accurate description, for my extreme fussiness. I had a burger, plain of course with cheddar cheese. The thing was huge and I will be having the rest of it for lunch over the next 3 days. I wasn’t really into the curly fries that came with it, too much seasoning for the likes of me, although the BF enjoyed them with his Lamb Gyro. 

Stopping at the Boathouse was the perfect ending to a great day of riding with friends, Lynn & TJ

Until next time keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride….

Route Going to Arcadia

Route heading home

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