Sunday, June 25, 2023

June 24 - L'll Tour & Kearney Motorcycle Show

Round Trip: 88.3 mi/142.10 km

Today is a motorcycle show in Kearney that we found announced in The GNA (The Great North Arrow)  - Great newspaper for events in our area and it has a lot of funny posts too!

So this morning I quickly plotted out a route so that it would bring us back into Kearney so that we could check out the motorcycle show being held in Kearney. It was already hot and humid, thankfully there was a little cloud cover so that it made it somewhat bearable when we stopped. Although that would change...

As usual the 520 was involved lol and we stopped yet again in Magnetawan at the Lion's Park. At least we parked in a different area and I took several pictures.

I even learned a little history

Leaving the park we headed back along the 520. We then turned on the 510 that also connects to the 124 (Instead of taking the 520 all the way to 124) The 510 didn't have much out there, but the road was paved and decent. 

We travelled into Sundridge and turned off onto Main St. It brings you along the waterfront and there is a nice Waterfront Park on Bernard Lake you could stop at. We didn't... anyway I have been there on my Rebel. So here is where things become a little bit of an "off road adventure" as the BF later called it. We made the turn at Lakeshore Dr, but instead of turning onto S. Lake Bernard Rd - which would have been a nice paved road (see orange X on map above) However, we stayed on Lakeshore Dr. which became Pevensey Rd and then turned into a hard packed gravel road. It wasn't so bad and there were only a couple of cars that we passed, other than that we had the road to ourselves. 

I actually was on that road with my Rebel, and I even got pictures of the little church and of the little one lane bridge that you cross over. Of course not this time with the BF...

We turned onto N. Pickerel Lake Rd, which is still hard packed gravel but easy to ride and very scenic (there are some nice places to stop and take a pic or two if you are so inclined, my BF not so much lol)

When we came to a stop at Berriedale Rd we turned left. Yeah, pavement again lol. It brought us back into Burk's Falls. This way was better as the way I had originally planned it I would have put us back out on hwy 11 to get into Burk's Falls. 

We stopped on Ontario street (across from the Funeral home) there is a small little park, although I don't even know if it had a name. I didn't see one when I was there and looking at google map it doesn't even mention it. Anyway, I discovered Pete the Bear there, a monument dedicated to an orphan bear. 

"Spring 1948 - October 1979 Pete the Bear lived across the street at what was formerly Purdle's Esso, where he became the village's unofficial mascot."

Interesting bit of history I never knew was there and I have passed that little park a ton of times. Glad I found it.

We turned onto Yonge St to take the back way into Kearney. Yonge turns into Chetwynd Rd and it is paved. However I wanted to go along Garage Rd. I swear the last time I was on this road it was paved. Oh well, another hard packed gravel road. Garage Rd comes out on Chetwynd again and unfortunately this is the part of Chetwynd that is, you guessed it, hard packed gravel. At least eventually it becomes pavement all the way into Kearney.

As we got to the Motorcycle show in Kearney parked in front of The Fork on Main. It was a small gathering with a stage and someone singing. There were quite a few people sitting out front of the Fork on Main. It was small show but so humid and hot I didn't want to walk around. I should have at least took a picture of the row of bikes but the heat was really getting to me. We only stayed long enough for the BF had a Sausage on a bun from the Fire Fighters fundraiser. 

Then as we were leaving a woman came up to us and gave us each a beer mug and thanked us for coming. That was so unexpected, thank you so much!

Until next time... Keep on

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June 18 - Aspdin Rd Loop (short version)

Round Trip: 124.6 mi / 200.5 km
Map: Aspdin Rd Loop (short version)

It has been fourteen days since we were out on the bikes, I am going through withdrawls lol. I call this tour my Aspdin Rd Loop short version, (you might by thinking right about now it doesn't look so short lol) Well it is because I do have another version of this that is approx. 284 km lol. This was a mostly an "all riding" tour, you will see why due to the lack of pictures. 

We exited off of Hwy 11 in Melissa and turned ontop Old North Rd. Caution! turning onto Fowlers road almost made my heart stop and actually I did come to a complete stop. As it is, that turn is super sharp, but today sand was all over the pavement. At least I managed to stay upright. Last time I was on these roads with my Rebel I don't recall them being so bumpy and rough. Maybe it is just a different ride on the Sportster or the last winter hasn't been kind to them. 

Fowlers ends at Ravenscliffe Rd where we turned right. We were only on it for a little ways then turned left on Hoodstown Rd [45]. Again, I don't remember this road being rough either, and yet it was. <shrugging> It ends at Etwell Rd where we turned left. Much nicer ride, at least on a Harley lol. Etwell eventually ends at Aspdin Rd. in Huntsville. At least we avoided the boring hwy 11 for a spell. Aspdin is in good condition, considering it is prone to flooding. Lots of sweeping curves and twisties, just a fun road to ride.

Aspdin eventually ends at the 141 in Rosseau. We turned left and stopped at the Rosseau Waterfront park (again) This time we went over to the other side of it instead of where the boats go in.

We continued along 141 into Port Sydney and along [10]. Lots of beautiful views and all these roads are curvy! After turning left on Brunel we shortly turned right onto Britanna Road. Very disappointed with this road. To put it plainly it is just a crappy, very bumpy, and not well maintained road. At least the couple of curves were resurfaced, but the rest of the road is in very poor shape.

Was glad when it ended at S. Portage Rd. where we turned left and finally took a rest at the South Portage public dock.

We headed along N. Portage Rd., Canal (all decent roads) and then onto Hwy 60. We turned left onto Hanes Rd and back onto Ravenscliffe [2] where we road it till it turned into Stisted Rd which brings you into Sprucedale.  

Until next time... Keep on

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June 04 - 520 to Bunny Trail Loop


Round Trip: 116 miles / 186.68 km 
Map: 520 to Bunny Trail loop 

This morning has started off really chilly, only 4C but is supposed to get to 27C today. It will make for a nice ride as long as the humidity stays away. I will be of course layering. I have done this route on my Rebel, it was a fun ride and if I remember correctly only a portion of Midlothian Rd is hard packed gravel. 

We started out after 10am, it is a cooler ride today, don't think I will be getting rid of any of my layers just yet.

We started off on the 520 towards Maganetawan with a stop at the Lions park.

This was a ride where the traffic was light to non-existent. I think I had a car behind me for only a brief time once or twice the entire time. The 520 is a fun sweeping curvy road and then you connect onto the 124 for little stretch where you turn off on 520 again heading towards a place called Maple Island. I have never been on Maple Island, maybe I will check it out next time I am out this way.

Just a tip, watch for the Bunny Trail road sign, (past Whitestone a little ways - don't ask me how far a little ways is lol) if you stay on the 520 it will eventually lead to a dead end, but looking on a map, it goes out quite a long way! 

Bunny Trail is paved but since I was on it with my Rebel several years ago the road has deteriorated quite a bit. A lot of rough spots, although my Rebel can handle roughness better than my Sportster, so maybe I didn't notice it then. If you ride an adventure bike you probably won't notice it either. lol

The Bunny Trail ends at the 124. We turned left and headed towards McKellar where we stopped at McKellar park.

Next we went into Ahmic Harbour via Ahmic St. Be sure to turn right at the stop sign Ahmic Lake Rd. or else you will just loop back to hwy 124. Ahmic Lake Rd. is a very scenic route with the pavement in fair condition.

It ends at Nipissing Rd where we turned right to visit the Cornball Store. I had a Kawartha dairy ice cream cone. For one scoop it sure was huge! I tried the Moose Tracks, it was good although those chunks of peanut butter cups made it very sweet, I liked it though. I am still full lol

We turned onto Midlothian Rd which starts off as hard packed gravel. Fairly easy ride and will turn into pavement just before you get to the Screaming Heads attraction. One day I will have to check that out. I have lived in this area for fourteen years and never was there. Go figure.

Until next time... Keep on
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May 29 - Ride to North Bay

Another beauty day for May so we are heading up to North Bay. (The BF needed smokes so I planned a nice backroad tour) Started out just before 10am, it was already warm, but not overwhelming warm, just perfect riding weather. 
Round Trip: 181 mi / 291.29 km

When we got to Muskoka Rd it was quite the bumpy ride with hard packed dirt/gravel for a stretch. It was so bumpy that I lost my gremlin bell that Lisa Catarineau from gave me when I was writing for her website. (sad face)

From there we turned right onto hwy 124 and stopped at a picnic area. (That is where I realized my bell was gone)

Eventually 124 runs out and there is no choice but to connect back onto hwy 11. At least it was only a little ways until we exited at Trout Creek. All was going according to plan until we missed turning on 522 and continued straight which was 522B. It ended up being a short cut to get into North Bay. Even though the pavement turned to a hard packed gravel road it wasn't a bad road to ride.

Here is the route we took there 

We were back on track when it dumped us out on the 534. Just a slight miscalculation when we went right which brought us back to hwy 11. Made a turn around and continued on. That is what motorcycling is all about <grin>

We turned onto the 654 then made a left onto the 94 where we pulled off at a beautiful lookout spot overlooking Callandar Bay/Lake Nipissing.


The BF took  a short video of the view

When we left North Bay we just took Hwy 11 then exited on Callander Bay Dr. and stopped at Centennial Park.

We took the same route along the 654 and when it ended we decided to go right on 534. That was the way I had originally plotted out the route for the way up. It was a really long way around to get back onto the 522. Although it was nice to have the two versions and see something a little different on the way back. We took hwy 11 back to Burk's Falls then the back road home.

Here is the route we took back 

Until next time... Keep

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May 27 - 1st Harley Ride in Ontario

Now that the Harley's are in Canada, have been transferred over from being American to Canadian.  We had to purchase a KM mileage sticker so it would pass the safety. I ordered the sticker online from the Stickerhaus it took a few weeks to get here, but that is to be expected because it came from Lithuania. It was worth it! 

The Harley's are legal and today (May 27) is going to be our 1st Harley ride in Canada!

Got the saddle bags back on and ready to ride!

The weather is totally cooperating with sunny skies and reaching a high of 23C. This route is a favorite of mine that I have done in many variations. The route will take us over the 518 to Parry Sound then back along the 141. You can view the route here. Depending where you leave from it is 120 miles (193.12 km) round trip. This will be the first time riding this route on my Harley. 

We left around 11am, the day was a beauty. We headed out on the 518, this road has its issues. For all the fun twisty parts to it, there are a lot of rough patches. Just be careful and at this time of year watch for sand that is usually still scattered on the road. 

Turned left on Oastler Park Dr. and stopped at Oastler Park. We didn't go right into the park, we just pulled around to a picnic area at the beginning of the park.


After a little rest we continued on and missed the Rankin Lake Rd. turn, (this usually happens because I like him in the lead, I am just the one who plots our routes LOL - all in good fun) The detour (Oastler leads into a road called Badger Rd.) was a nice paved road, however it only lead to the Sequin Valley Golf club and then your choice of two dirt roads which dead ended.

Got back to Rankin Lake Rd. then on over to hwy 141. We  stopped in Rosseau at the Waterfront park 

Yes, that is me - Thought I would make a rare appearance LOL

After a rest we headed towards Port Sydney, Muskoka Rd 10 to Brunell into Huntsville. We chose to go on Muskoka Rd 3 then onto Old North Rd that brings you to N. Waseosa Lake Rd and no choice but to get on Hwy 11 again. At least you can exit onto the 592 in Novar.

It took me most of the ride to get used to the heavier weight of my Sportster. But by the end of our 120 miles  (193.12 km) ride it was just like old times again. Although riding here is much nicer with a lot less traffic, twisty roads and sweeping curves.There are always plenty of trees and views but not one palm tree in sight LOL.

Until next time... Keep

 Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride

May 26 - Woohoo Plated the Harley

Last year we imported the Harley's from Florida to Ontario Canada. It was quite a large expense and had to jump through a few hoops but they are here. You can find more about it here (it is near the end of the post if you don't want to read the whole thing LOL)

The Harleys have been at the mechanics since Wednesday May 24 for their safety. Finally today (Friday May 26) they were ready to come home and get plated. 

It is going to be a beauty weekend and I am glad the bikes are ready. So excited to ride my Sporty again after our long separation of 4 years!!! 

May 15 - Little Rebel Scoot

Doing a little catch up on the writing. I know I promised that I would start posting more often, oh well you know what they say, the best laid plans.....

I have been staying in Emsdale since the BF got back. Hence the lack of rides as my Rebel is in Penetang. We will be getting the Harley's on the road soon. The mechanic will be working to certify them on May 24. It will be a big change from riding my Rebel. I haven't been on my Sportster for 4 years! 

I was back home for a few days in Penetang and to be with Mom for Mother's Day. I also made time to take a quick scoot around on the Rebel. 

The day was on the windy and cool side, after all it is only May. I missed out on the real warm days, oh well. The temp was only about 15C  and it was a little windy. I left shortly after 11am and the wind was on the cool side. 

I decided on a short ride along Upper Big Chute and through Port Severn would scratch my riding itch.

Upper Big Chute Rd.

I then continued over to S Bay Rd and into Port Severn where I snapped a shot along the Port Severn waterfront.

Port Severn Rd N. Just before Lock 45 -Trent-Severn Waterway

By this time the wind was really starting to pick up. 
(I check the weather channel later, said 26km wind with 40km gust!
Well I certainly was feeling those gusts!) 

At least I got out today and I think my scoot of 124km was just what I needed.

Until next time... keep

 Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride