Sunday, August 20, 2023

Aug 19 - Laughlin Falls & Upper Big Chute Rd

Silk Line

I have neglected my L'll Rebel for months, so with the beginnings of a beautiful day, sun shining and temps rising to 23C it was time for solo spin. 

Round Trip: 138 km
Map: Laughlin Falls & Upper Big Chute

I had been browsing google maps when I noticed a scenic spot icon just in Coldwater (Ontario) I have toured around many of those roads in that area, but never noticed it before. Weird how that happens. Anyway, I decided to plot my course to include that spot.

I have always thought Coldwater was a quaint little town as you meandering along River St.  I have been on Upper Big Chute Rd plenty of times, it is a ride that is curvy with plenty of scenery to tantalize the senses. 

This time instead of staying on Upper Big Chute Rd I went straight onto Mt. Stephen Rd. Then with a left on Taylor and a right on Laughlin Falls Rd I pulled up to Laughlin Falls. 

I was disappointed when I seen people milling about. It was a family having some kind of a photo shoot and were spread across the road as the photographer directed them for the perfect poses. Usually my solo rides are through the week, and I rarely run into people, but I should have known better on a Saturday and in prime tourist season. At least the road itself was devoid of traffic.

I parked my bike along the guard rail, unfortunately not where I wanted as to get in the water in the background. At least I could snap a couple pics. 

As I was stowing my camera away one of the gentlemen in the group said to me "Oh, I thought you wanted to take a picture of me" I chuckled and he smiled. Maybe I should have, I rarely take pictures of people. lol

I continued on my way turning onto Silk Line that brought me directly back onto Upper Big Chute Rd. Even though it was Saturday there was very little traffic (on coming) and no one behind me. (Which I suites me just fine) As I rode, a rich earthy aroma permeated the air, the kind of smell you get after a lot rain from the day before. (Friday was a rainy crap day)

I passed by the Big Chute where boats get a ride down to the lake below on a mechanical lift  and continued on to ride the fun and twisty S. Bay Rd. I made a left onto Honey Harbour Rd and went through Port Severn. 

At Lock 45 on Port Severn Rd N I decided to stop just before the lock at the rest area along the river. The parking lot was packed full so I just pulled up on the side to snap a few pics. I barely got one picture snapped when a guy crossed the parking lot. I looked at him and said "I guess that is your jeep?" (who I was blocking) he smiled and said yes. I quickly packed my camera in my saddle bag and as quickly as I could hoped on my bike and left. As I rode off I thought to myself, 'It is too peoplely out here for me"  I headed home.

Until next time... Keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Aug 05 - Bala - Clear Lake Rd & Tally-Ho Swords Rd

I usually don't like to ride anywhere too far on a long weekend,
(too many idiots on the road) but it was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't pass it up. 

Round Trip: 143 mi / 230.13 km

Rosseau Ball Diamond

Aspdin Rd to Rosseau was busy, (I knew it would be) but the traffic was moving so it made it tolerable. Add Aspdin to your must ride list if you are in the area, it is full of twists and curves. When we got to Rosseau it was just bustling there, tons of cars and people criss crossing at the corner. We eventually made a right on hwy 141 and then a left on 632 where we pulled over at the Rosseau Ball Diamond for a break. The 632/Peninsula Rd is another fantastic road, lots of twists and curves along with lots of scenic views. Surprisingly not much traffic considering it being a long weekend and all. Of course I am not complaining, I love when no one is behind (Just the way I like it lol) and most of the way no one was. 

The 632 or should I say Peninsula Rd (the name changes halfway along the road) ends at the 118 West, we made a right on it until it ends at the 169 where we made a left. The 169 will bring you right through Bala. Lots of shops to browse or take pics along Bala Bay and Bala Falls. (Obviously, we did not stop, hence the lack of pictures lol) We turned right onto Muskoka Rd 38. This is yet again another road to add to your growing list of roads to ride on with your motorcycle. 

We stopped at the Wahta Station and lucky me the BF bought me a Kawartha ice cream cone. Yum, I had chocolate and he had vanilla. The were running out of flavours and I was lucky to get the last of the chocolate. The place was packed, think everyone was having Mrs H's fish & chips. I hear they are good, but I am not a fish person. lol

You can always find a spot to park on a motorcycle
(Looks like we are the only ones in the parking lot lol)
This was off to the side, no room for any cars here

After the delicious cone we continued along Muskoka 38 until hwy 400 where we headed north. Unfortunately, there is no choice but to go onto hwy 400 to get to the roads I wanted to ride from here. It wasn't as busy as I thought, there were just a few clusters of speed demons, and once they passed us we had the hwy to ourselves again. At least it wasn't too far before our exit onto Lake Joseph Rd. 

Lake Joseph Rd, Clear Lake Rd and Tally-Ho Swords Rd are all excellent motorcycle roads, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Bonus, no traffic :)

Tally-Ho Swords Rd ends at the 518 where we made a right. The 518 from this point to almost Sprucedale can really be a bumpy ride, so keep this in mind because all the sharp twists and sharper curves have the roughest patches that will have you bouncing around like a tennis ball. I knew how bad this road was from the last time we were on it, but it is the road that fit into my my plan, so as they say "suck it up buttercup" and I did LOL

We stopped one more time along the Seguin River before we headed home.

Until next time... Keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride