Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Oct 3 - Tiny Beaches Rd to Wasaga Beach

Mild October weather had me itching to get out on the Rebel today. I took a leisurely ride on Tuesday along Tiny Beaches Rd from Penetanguishene to Wasaga Beach.

Road Trip: 107 km 
Map: Wasaga Beach 

What a beautiful day to get out and ride. I left around 9am and the temp was already around 19C. Tiny Beaches Rd is a road that you should not exceed 40km on, so it makes for a nice leisurely ride that will take you all the way into Wasaga Beach. This time of year most of the cottagers are not here during the week day, and the permanent residents are hiding I suppose LOL. I didn't seen many cars until I got to Wasaga Beach.

It was a ghost town when I stopped in Balm Beach

Not much happening right now on the beach in Wasaga, but then again it is a Tuesday.

When I stopped at the famous Wasaga sign there was no one around.
Of course I had to get the famous sign pic. 

As I was putting back on my gear a convertible pulled up behind me, I suppose they wanted their pic at the sign too. Glad they pulled up after I got my pic.

When I turned down Sunnidale Rd S. from Mosley I couldn't believe all the new housing going in. It stretched what looked like for miles. (Shutter) I guess new development is everywhere, even Penetanguishene is under construction with all new housing, although none of it is very affordable for the average person, especially when some of it is starting at $844,000! I digress...

When I got back to Penetang I had always wanted to take a picture of this lemonade stand on Water St. that is kind of like a landmark around here. Although I have never seen anyone actually selling Lemonade there. I know there is a story behind it, and it has been there for quite sometime, but I can't remember what it is. Anyway, I pulled over and finally got my pic.

Until next time, Keep.... 

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride

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