Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sept 23 - Eagle Lake

Took advantage of the great weather on Saturday and mapped out a little ride that would bring us past Eagle Lake.

Round Trip: 100 mile / 160.93 km
Map: Eagle Lake 

We headed out on the 518 E towards Kearney. The trees are turning and it made for a colourful show. The 518 also has sweeping curves and passes close to Beaver Lake where you can stop and take in the view. (Obviously we didn't stop but I had snapped a few pics back in October of 2021 when I was on the Rebel - I never did get around to blogging about that tour...) Anyway, we stopped for gas at Fetterley's Gas & Convenience in Kearney, which was a buzzing hive of activity with ATV's and Pick Ups gassing up for their days festivities. We continued on the 518 which then morphs into Chetwynd Road. For the most part, Chetwynd is a fairly nice paved road, with twisty curves and hills. Although there is a section that becomes hard packed dirt with a smattering of gravel. It doesn't last long, and then back to pavement. I have no clue why they didn't pave the entire length of road, just a mystery of the road lol. It has been like that since I can remember. Staying on Chetwynd brings you into Burk's Falls via Yonge St. This time Chetwynd morphs into Yonge St.  

We stopped at the Stan Darling's Village Park  on Ontario St (520). We have been there before back in June and I wrote about it, although at the time I didn't know the name. 

Onward we went, turning onto Pickerel & Jack Lake Rd, avoiding hwy 11 as much as we can. It too morphs into another road which is called Berriedale Rd. We turned left onto Pevensey Rd then hooked onto hwy 11. You could continue along Muskoka Rd (Berriedale morphs into Muskoka Rd when you cross over Pevensey) But for a paved road it gets very rough. We were only on hwy 11 a short jaunt until exiting at Sundridge (hwy 124)

We then turned at Mountain View Rd (only one way to turn and that is left) It passes over hwy 11 and then we turned right onto Tower Rd. It abruptly ends with a stop sign and the cross road (Ottawa Ave.) is split into a Y.  It was a little confusing as there was no sign that said Ottawa Ave, although there was a sign that showed Municipal Rd S and another that said to Eagle Lake. 

Municipal Rd S. dumps out at Eagle Lake Rd where we turned left and stopped just past the Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store to take in the views and admire some of the spectacular colour display that the trees were showing. 

The BF took this one

I was out this way on the Rebel in 2021 and had went the entire Eagle Lake Rd. I remember that it did turn into hard packed dirt/gravel, although I am not sure if it has been paved since then. I had chose to take a left at Park Rd. S. on this tour. Park Rd S looked to be freshly paved and was a pleasure to ride. It passes the Mikisew provincial Park. Park Rd ends and we made a left on Machar Strong Boundry Rd. which is still paved but we were getting close to a few roads that I had marked as questionable. When I map out our routes I try to view the looks of the road on the street view on google. When I went to check out the next few roads, google decided it had no intention of going down them, so I figured they wouldn't be paved, the question was, how bad might they be.

Making the turn onto Hornbrook Rd was a pleasant surprise, it was paved and not in bad shape either. Although that was to end quickly after passing over a cross street. However, even though the pavement was gone the surface was hard packed with just a smattering of gravel. As you know, I have been on paved roads that were bumpy enough to shake the fillings in your teeth. So it was a relief to ride a dirt road that was smoother than some of those paved ones I have been on. When Hornbrook ended at Adams we made a left then a quick right on Cottrall which brings you out onto hwy 124. All these roads were also hard packed and all an easy ride.

We headed right along hwy 124 until making a left onto River Rd. This is another hard packed dirt road that has a smattering of gravel. Very easy to ride that weaves along the Distress River. It ends at hwy 520 by Lake Cecebe. We turned left heading back to Burk's Falls. Last time we were out this way the road was being resurfaced, now it has been completed with nice new pavement to enjoy.

We made our final stop back in Burk's Falls again at the same park before heading home.
(I am sure you noticed the "old school" GPS taped to the BF's bike LOL)

It was a wonderful ride and seeing all the beautiful colours of the changing leaves was spectacular. Although it brings a sadness to my heart because we all know what that means next.

Until next time... Keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride

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