Monday, June 2, 2014

Poetry Interlude - Evil Blossoms

 ~ Evil Blossoms ~ 

I be a garden nymph of bane
Victor Habbick
My sole purpose, to cause you pain

Toil you must within a garden so bright
I wreak havoc with delight

Something menacing, wicked did I
Just in spite to see you cry

While you slept I dug a hole
I ate the roots in your garden bowl

I giggled while I did the deed
Knowing how I made you bleed

I feed on souls, that is what I take
Pleasure is mine while you quake

All is lost when I appear
All that is left, undeniable fear

<Evil laugh>

Copyright 2014-May 27 SM-TFC
**bane : in the archaic meaning of > something, typically poison, that causes death.**

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