Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thoughtful Interlude...on a rainy day

The weather certainly has not cooperated with me so far, I have only been out on my bike twice since we got to Florida in late December. January really has sucked this year. More so than years before when I realized that January is just not the ideal season to be in Florida. (At least for a freeze cat like me) The weather seems unpredictable and the chance of frost is always prevalent. However I will still take it over the weather back home. <smile> 

Between the rainy days and bone chilling temperatures it has left very few days to actually get out and ride. The first time out we just did a loop around the town, just to get back into the groove, seeing last April was the last time we were biking. The second was our usual River Road tour which is always a nice ride but has become predictable. Neither one qualified as blog material. I am restless to see some different scenery, which really in Florida there is not much chance of that, so at the very least I would like to try to find some different roads to travel. 

Fort Myers bike night (January 9) was a ‘wash out’ and I mean that literally. There was a potential for a thunderstorm that night, so we opted to go with the car. (I know, it was like cheating but I was sure glad we did) There wasn’t as many vendors and the bands never even had a chance to get set up before the storm hit. It was about an hour after we got there and we were lucky to be inside a restaurant when the torrential downpour erupted. There was also a tornado warning and the rain never let up that night. We were fortunate that the tornado missed us, however Cape Coral was not so lucky. 

Since then I have been basically stuck to the house the last few weeks, hence the lack of bike adventures. If nothing else it has given me lots of time to ponder over where to plot out our next tour. I decided that this year my goal is to find those quirky out of the way oddities that I have been reading so much about. Really delve into the strange and unusual (which actually sums me up to a tee) in our travels and document it with photographs. What better way to combine my love of motorcycling and my interest in photography. 

Now I just need to convince my BF ... <smile>

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