Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Left to my own devices

So my BF went off to Germany for the next three weeks and I am left to my own devices in Florida until he gets back. It is not as bad as you might think. After all, I am a loner by nature and this ‘alone’ time is a nice temporary break. Doesn’t the saying go; absence makes the heart grow fonder. I have no problem being alone, I enjoy solitude when I can get it and I always seem to have plenty to do to keep my warped little mind busy. Twitter, Google+, Facebook...(my friends live there) 

Besides, I won’t be totally alone, Fred is here with me. He doesn’t say much, except for around dinner time, other than that he mostly sleeps all day.

So here I am lucky to be in a place with plenty of days of great riding weather but there is a slight catch. I have never been out on my bike alone, at least not here. Three weeks is a long time to just leave my bike parked in the garage, and one can only walk by and pat it so many times before the urge to twist the throttle over powers. Yes I have a tendency to pat my bike when I can’t get out and ride, doesn’t everybody? 

After seven years of riding I just haven’t done solo that much. The opportunity just hasn’t presented itself, especially here in Florida as we always ride together. (On separate bikes of course) His riding style is much faster than mine so I always follow, I actually prefer it that way. I also figure this gives him a chance to ride his ride and me mine, at least whenever the opportunity presents itself like when we are in the less populated areas. The thought of riding alone doesn’t bother me, but for some reason riding alone here does.  Although I am looking forward to riding where I want, when I want and for how long I want, the whole “no one to answer to” sort of thing is very appealing.

Back home when I had my little V-star (I loved that little bike) I took her only out twice for a solo ride, just on a little cruise through Burks Falls and once up to Kearney. I was fairly new to riding back then but I sure did enjoy those solo rides, even if they were just brief ones. Just those two little rides had sparked something deep within me and enlightened my soul. 

Then we started coming to Florida, traded our bikes in for Harley’s and because we licensed them here we felt it easier to just store them when we leave. So consequently I have been left bike-less when we get back to Canada. Ironic isn’t it. 

Anyway that brings me back to riding solo, I can still remember how it felt to be totally immersed in the ride back then, a freeing of the spirit, independent, and capturing a taste of that carefree attitude of my youth. I suppose now is my chance. However, I am a still just a tad jittery at the thought of going it alone. Also if you have been following my posts, you will have noticed the familiar theme of straight and flat around here, so finding an interesting road to ride is very unlikely, at least one that is close by. I don’t think I would attempt an epic journey just yet, at least not here.

So if I really thought about it, if I could get my motorcycle licence by myself, then I sure can go for a ride in Florida by myself. Guess I just needed a bit of a pep talk, and putting it in a post seemed a little more saner than talking (out loud) to myself, besides Fred didn’t bother to stay awake long enough to listen to me. 

If you made it this far reading my babbling, Thanks for listening. 


  1. Riding solo is not for everyone but you sound like you certainly appreciate the solitude. Go out, just do it. I know I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Greetings from Germany, SonjaM

  2. I like riding solo just as much as with Dany. It IS different - we're so used to each other's riding style that riding together is a breeze. But I find my style is more ruminative (I musta been a cow in another life!) when I'm solo - I look around more. Dany Loves to weave when in traffic and go fast (*speed*) on a clear stretch. He tells me that he does those things more when he's riding solo.

    Babbling is fine and cool. Brooks do it, I do it and you do it.

    Julie - from the Twitting Place

    1. thanks Julie :) you are so sweet. Yeah we both are pretty cool LOL :)

  3. When I first started riding in 2011 all I did was solo riding for the most part. i would take off on my Friday off and ride all day, it was uplifting, scary, thrilling, and I fell in love with the peace and solitude of it. I had to say I was a little unnerved at times because I was so new to it and wasn't sitting on the back letting someone else be the 'pilot'. I ride with my hub and bf, but I still do a lot of solo rides. Its all about comfort zone and discovering what you like, I am more into riding with 1 or 2 people versus big group rides and I love solo riding.

    1. Thanks Dar. Your right, it is all about comfort and discovery. :)