Saturday, July 2, 2016

GUEST POST: Decisions, Decisions

Hello my faithful followers!
Today I am featuring a guest writer, Ania Todua. She is from Brea, CA, USA. and is an avid biker. She also happens to ride a Harley Sportster 883. Not that I am biased or anything *grin*  (Links, pictures and opinions are hers)

Decisions, Decisions - Choosing to Buy a New or Used Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle has always been a dream of yours. It can be a big investment for you, much like buying a car or a home, and you want to make sure you put just as much thought and consideration into your purchase as you would one of those other large items. For many people, the choice comes down to buying a new motorcycle or choosing a used one for their purchase. Figuring out just which one is the right step for you will depend on you personally, but there are pros and cons involved with both sides of the issue. When you are choosing between buying a brand new motorcycle and buying a used one, you want to closely consider both before making a decision.

Buying a New Motorcycle
 For many people, buying a new motorcycle seems like the only way they want to go. When you buy a new bike you know you are getting something that has never been ridden by anyone else before. You get that feeling along with the knowledge that a new bike should come to you with the highest level of reliability. Since it is brand new, you will not experience any issues with it that will cost you a great deal in terms of repair. You will also not have to worry as much about it breaking down somewhere during your rides. The downside of owning a new bike primarily lies in the cost. New motorcycles can be very expensive, depending on the make, model and manufacturer that you are looking at.

Buying a Used Motorcycle

Buying a used motorcycle can be the perfect choice for someone that is just starting out with riding. You may not want to make a huge investment in a new bike if you are just starting out and unsure if you are going to ride it a lot. You can get a used motorcycle from a dealership or private owner and save thousands of dollars. There are risks involved with buying a used motorcycle as well. You buy it with the knowledge that the engine and the bike may have gone through months or years of use and there could be repairs that you will need to do to keep the bike in good running order, potentially costing you more money. If you have a good knowledge of bikes and can perform repairs on your own then a used bike can be a good investment for you, but if you need to bring it to a mechanic all of the time it may not work out well for you.

In the end, the decision you make will be about how much money you have in your budget to spend right now and whether or not you are able to perform any maintenance, repair and gears that may be needed to the bike. Whichever you choose, you want to be sure that you select a motorcycle that you are comfortable in riding and is going to bring you joy and good performance.


  1. All of my bikes have been used the first was a starter bike as I didn't want to worry about 'hurting' a new bike with drops. The next bike was a vintage bike on mint condition with all the maintenance receipts and we did an inspection. That bike served me well and I recently sold it. My current bike is used as well, but I knew the person well and it was only a few years old & driven new out the showroom and had very few kilometres on it. At the time I was looking at the same bike the current model year at a dealer. I almost rolled out of the dealer with the new one, but when I sat and looked at the hard costs, cost of the loan and prices of each which for all intents and purposes where the same, I chose the used because it really saved me about $4800. You do have to do your homework on a used bike and a mechanical inspection is definitely worth the few dollars it costs.

  2. I've bough a few bikes over the years - only one brand new. My preferred source is a reputable dealer who also has a service garage attached. They offer many of the same benefits as a dealer who sells new bikes. Also, a new bike isn't a guarantee of perfection - I've read many stories where problems with a new bike have come to light after few hundred kms on the road. I've never bought from a private seller - although I would buy from somebody I knew if she/he had a great service record and would agree to an independent valuation via a garage or dealership.