Monday, September 5, 2016

Interview with a Moto-Vlogger: VRIDETV

After a summer of watching talented Moto-Vloggers and admiring them for making such great videos on youTube I reached out to a few to put together this series. Some were kind enough to take the time to let me pick their brains and force them to ‘write’ in order to bring to you an inside glimpse of who they are and why they do what they do.  

So without further ado lets get to know the person behind the video camera....   
The Riders

Rider Name: 
That guy from VRIDETV

Real Name:   Jeff             

Location:      Aldergrove, BC

TFC: When did you start riding & why?

Jeff: It all began on a little dirt bike at age 7 and from there on.... I was hooked on two wheels!

TFC: How did you come by your rider name? 

Jeff: Actually, the bike gets recognized as VRIDETV with all the camera equipment, I'm just the guy that rides it : )  

VRIDETV's 2003 Harley-Davidson
100th anniversary VRSCA V-Rod.
Equipped with
3 Sony Professional HD
video cameras mounted.
TFC: What do you ride now?

Jeff: 2003 Harley Davidson V-Rod. 
Read about how Jeff teamed up with the best of the best in the motorcycle industry to transform his stock V-Rod into the ultimate touring motorcycle... Project V-Rod.

TFC: Does your bike have a name?

Jeff: CameraBike

Jeff's x-ray after a near fatal
motorcycle accident
with a tow truck
TFC: What made you decide to start Moto-Vlogging?

Jeff: After seven years of recovery from my near fatal motorcycle accident, I decided to not only start riding again but to actually ride across Canada. In April of 2006, we mounted a high definition video camera to the handlebars of my motorcycle intending on taping our trip. We wanted to have our journey captured  to view it for years to come. While on our trip we heard the same question from people on a daily basis, "what's that thing on your handlebars". (Referring to the camera). We explained that we were traveling across Canada and taping our adventure. The second question was, "how can I see it?".  This happened repeatedly, almost every time we stopped. People of all ages would come up to us and express interest, share stories and give us ideas of where to ride next.  

TFC: What type of equipment do you use to produce your videos? 

Jeff: Final Cut Pro editing software on a Mac Pro.

TFC: What is the most challenging part of putting together your videos?

Jeff: Editing, it's a time consuming process and you always seem to find parts you want to edit.... But deadlines have to be met.

TFC: Any advice for someone wanting to get into Moto-Vlogging?

Jeff: Get your shot as steady as possible.

TFC: I have a moto-bucket list of places I would love to ride my bike someday. If you could ride your bike anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Jeff: Europe, I've seen some amazing videos from places I'd love to ride and shoot video of.

VRIDETV's message to all riders 
TFC: Any last words or advice for motorcyclists?

Jeff: May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads.

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If you are a Moto-Vlogger and are interested in getting featured on my new series you can find me on Twitter and send a DM to @theFrozenCanuck or you can email with your youTube channel. I will review your channel and as long as you meet my discriminating values I will contact you. I have to set some standards :)

Until next time.... 

Cruising through Life & Enjoying the Ride...

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