Monday, October 3, 2016

What’s up with me...

The summer has been a blur this year. For the most part I worked at my ‘real life’ job and really didn’t have much time for anything else. Funny how that gets in the way of a perfectly good virtual life. I suppose the cash flow part and eating once in awhile is nice, I guess it balances out. So it is no surprise that my writing has suffered a little. Not to mention my motorcycle withdrawals! I did manage to squeeze in a bit of writing though, and it helped me keep my sanity, or what is left of it. Now with fall around the corner I am able to start concentrating more on writing and of course preparing for my upcoming flee to a warmer climate that is more suitable to a frozen bird like myself.

In case you were wondering, that is actually me up there.
I am not really a cartoon bird who rides a 

Vlogger Series
If you have been following me, I started my new ‘Interview with a Moto-Vlogger’ series in the month of September. It was fun finding out more about some of my favorite vloggers; VRIDETV , Indian48 , The Tartan Visor and MotordadcleI would like to thank them again for participating in this series. I had a blast putting it together and appreciate them for taking time out of their busy schedules to put up with me.

I plan on making this a regular series, however there will be no set schedule for posts. I think it is a cool series to try and keep it going and judging by the visits, you do too. I would also like to Thank You All for reading it! I will always be on the look out for Moto Vloggers, so contact me if you or know of someone who would like to be in on this series. 

Guest Writer
Recently I was asked to be a guest writer for Biker Girl Bling! I am as passionate about writing as I am about riding, and to get the chance to write about amazing women and their rides, well I am just beside myself at the prospect. I would like to thank Lisa Catarineau, Founder & Director of for giving me this opportunity to spread my writing wings.

The Biker Girl Bling Blog features women and their customized motorcycles. I will be doing articles featuring custom paint jobs or wraps to bling’d out sparkles. Be sure to check out my first article Cheetah GSXR Girl  on October 11, 2016.

I will be on the look out for women who want to be featured for this, so if you are or know of someone interested please drop me a line!

My Motorcycle Reunion
I will also be reunited with my own motorcycle soon, not soon enough though. I still have a couple of months to go before I see and get to ride my Sporty Blue. 

If you enjoyed reading about my motorcycle adventures, don’t worry, I will certainly be writing about them too over the winter. 

In a nutshell, that has been what has been happening with me. Looking forward to new adventures and sharing them with you!

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride...


  1. At least you'll have another two months, and be reunited with your Sporty. For me two months down the road means: no riding but sliding... winter time will be knocking on doors. I wish I had a getaway place somewhere warm... sigh. So am am looking forward to reading our tales from the road, while in limbo.

    1. I hear ya! If it makes you feel any better while you have been motoring around I have been wheel-less for the last six months!!! aaakkk Glad to see you enjoy reading my adventures! Hang in there, before you know it you will be out riding again too :)

  2. Great to catch up with what's happening. Cash flow and eating are pretty important - but it sounds like you're organizing your move south. I look forward to reading about your rides in Florida .... YAY!

  3. Just read your guest blog on Biker Girl Bling - and I really enjoyed it. Sarah Garlic rocks!