Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Solo Ride In The Sunshine State

Honestly, I am happy
even though I don't look it
This year the BF left on a “All Boys” vacation to Nicaragua. Yes, I was a tad bit jealous, especially seeing he was also going to explore it on a motorcycle. I wouldn’t have been so forgiving to let him take off for a week if I were stuck back home in Ontario Canada under a mountain of snow. But seeing I am here in Florida and best of all with my motorcycle, I was actually going to enjoy having some ‘alone’ time.

Today’s ride was my three-hour sabbatical of sorts, and it certainly emptied the cobwebs out of my head.  It was like achieving a ‘Zen’ moment, only I felt at one with my bike, body and mind. 

“I can see clearly now…”  (song lyrics that just popped in my head, it happens)

One thing that became apparent after eight years of riding, today was the first “longish” ride I have actually taken alone. Sure, I have puttered around but never strayed too far and never for very long. The more adventurous rides have always been with my BF. This little birdie has finally begun to “spread her wings”. Not to say I don’t like riding with my BF, we just have different riding styles. For instance, I like to stop and snap a picture when something interesting catches my eye, he on the other hand never seems to notice and zooms by. Motorcycling and pictures just naturally go together (obviously from a bloggers point of view) and I was thinking when I started out today that I would end up with dozens of pictures of interesting things along the way. Funny thing happened though, I never did. (Hence the lack of pictures.) I only stopped once, okay that is wrong, twice. The first stop was to top off the tank, so that really doesn’t count. 

Now on with The Ride…
Motorcycle Route: Treeline Ave. – Three Oaks Parkway – Immokalee Rd. 

The actual route time will vary depending on where you are coming from

I took Treeline Ave. which is a two-lane road and has a moderate amount of traffic in spots. It is also one of the few roads around here that has some decent sweeping curves, which are hard to find in Southwest Florida. This is also a very popular route for motorcyclists because of that, and judging by the number of bikes I seen today, quite a few had the same idea as me.

When I got to Alico Rd. I made a right so that I could connect at the start of Three Oaks Parkway. It is just a short ride past the on ramp of 1-75 and you can only turn left onto it. However, it looks like one day this road might eventually go to the right. Three Oaks has even less traffic and is a pleasant ride through gated communities with manicured lawns and park like settings. Somewhere along the line the road morphs into Imperial Parkway. (If I had to pinpoint it I would say once you cross Coconut Rd.) Then it does another metamorphous and becomes Livingston Rd. I think this road just can’t make up its mind on what to call itself. Anyway, the entire way is nice, but there are a few traffic lights that might bog down the ride. I hit a few, but it wasn’t as irritating as riding on 41 through Fort Myers.

When I got to Immokalee Rd. I turned left.  The shops and housing developments soon give way to Orange groves. Once it opens up be prepared for it to get a bit windy. I pulled off for a small break, mainly to chug down some water and to finally take a picture. I noticed that I had stopped at the ‘Corkscrew Island Neighborhood’ sign, a place that is basically in the middle of nowhere and landlocked as far as I could tell. So what I really wanted to know is why is this area called an Island? ahem, moving on... this road will take you by the Immokalee Casino, if you are so inclined to make a stop. I then made a left on Main Street in Immokalee and headed towards home. 

By the way, besides the liberating feeling of independence I had on this ride it also made me realize just how much I need (not want) I really need, to get another motorcycle when I get back to Canada, purely for therapeutic purposes of course. Hmm, wonder if OHIP covers that.  

(I know, soon you all will be telling me to shut up and just get another bike already)

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride


  1. That's a really small pic of yourself, Sandy. You deserve a bigger (greater) one ;-) For me solo riding is an important factor, because I am riding flower picking style, meaning I stop and even turn around for a photo op (not thinking about the photo being bloggable or just something I'd like to show hubby later).

    1. LOL, awww thanks (hate myself in pics) I agree, good way to ride :) So I plan on doing more "flower picking" rides just for the fun of it :)

  2. Good for you on getting out on a solo ride. I don't think I've ever gone over about 40 or so miles without hubby and his bike along.

    We joke though that we both like to stop along the way for pictures and to talk to the squirrels.