Sunday, February 10, 2019

Vintage Motorcycle Show and a new watering hole

We took a ride today (Saturday Feb 9) a nice tour close to the homestead. I found it a little on the windy side at times and have the stiff neck to prove it this morning. But of course, worth it, time to break out the Voltaran! 

Despite the windy day the temperature was perfect, warm and sunny. We headed out towards LaBelle and took the meandering River Road along the Caloosahatchee River.

One of our favorite roads when wanting a ride that is close to home. We stopped at the Bob Mason Park, which has been nicely revamped and is a great spot to rest and stretch the legs. There was a nice little gazebo that has been recently put up and plenty of picnic tables to enjoy the view.

We continued on our way and followed North River Rd to 31. We headed towards Palm Beach Blvd to the Publix Shopping Center where there was a Vintage Motorcycle Show going on. 

It wasn’t a large show, but found it interesting to see some of the old 2-stroke motorcycles of years gone by. There was a bit of everything, from old Harleys to Kawasaki’s. I had never heard of one of the bikes we saw,  Husqvarma. My BF informed me he had a chainsaw made by them LOL.

When we were on 31 heading to the Vintage Motorcycle show we passed by the Boat House Tiki Bar and Grill. The Tiki Bar was still under construction last year and decided to stop in and check it out after we left the show.

Upon pulling in I was already impressed. Any place that caters to motorcyclists can’t be all that bad.

Mind you we just sat at the Tiki Bar for a drink. The atmosphere was awesome, and staff was very friendly. The place was packed for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Checking out the menu there was of course plenty of fish dishes offered, but for people like me who despise fish of any kind it also had burgers and wings. We certainly have plans to go for supper in the near future and test out the food. I will let you know.

On the way home we took a leisurely ride along Buckingham Road. This is always a nice ride with its meandering treed road. You can follow our route below

River Road Route / Buckingham Rd.

I must add a shout out to Lisa from (As you may know, I occasionally write for her Bling blog on her women's motorcycle gear shopping website). 

She recently sent me a beautiful gift, a Sparkle Rider Gremlin Bell . This was my first ride with my sparkly bell. Thank You Lisa, you are so generous and sweet.

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