Sunday, April 16, 2023

1st Ride 2023 Season

The week after Easter (April 10) produced summer like conditions ranging from the low 20's to the almost 29C. I would have liked to get my bike out sooner but unfortunately we had torrential rain that flooded my basement just before Easter, so I had to work on fixing that first.

I was finally done by Saturday (April 15) and was able to take advantage of the unusually warm temperature for this time of year. 

Whenever I do a 1st ride of the season I like to keep it closer to home and somewhat short. After not riding for 6 months I tend to be a little rusty, although this year I didn't feel rusty at all. I decided on a little tour along Champlain Rd (Penetanguishene)

I stopped on Champlain Rd and snapped a pic, then I spied something in the water.

I then took a pic of what I thought were two ducks - one tail up and one just sitting next to him, I zoomed in took the pic then realized that they were only buoys LOL

I continued along Champlain Rd. which was a pleasant ride with hardly any traffic at all. It will take you all the way into Awenda Park. 

Awenda Park

I then took a ride around Fairlain Lake. Even though it is a housing development, it is a nice windy road that is very woodsy. 
Fairlain Lake

I headed out to Thunder Beach along the concessions and then I went along Tiny Beaches Rd, nice if you like a leisurely ride  at 40 clicks, winding your way along the waterfront. There are plenty of places to stop for photo ops at the end of the concessions. 
I stopped at Balm Beach, not much action happening yet. 

It was great finally getting back on two wheels and getting my much needed wind therapy. I plan on going out tomorrow and squeezing in one more ride before the weather turns to crap again. The long range forecast calls for single digits and a rainy snow mix for the week. I can't complain, April is very early to be riding around these parts, so I will take what I can get.

Until next time... keep
Cruising through life and enjoying the ride 

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