Sunday, July 23, 2023

July 22 - Eagle Lake Rd, Haliburton Area

Round Trip: 182 mi / 292.9 km 

I could not have asked for a better motorcycling day. (Saturday July 22, 2023)
No humidity, just good ole' sunshine and warm temps reaching 24C.
We left around 10 am taking hwy 60 to hwy 35.

We stopped in Dorset again at the Dorset Beach Park. (on hwy 35)
If you recall from our last tour we stopped at the same spot.
It was time for a little break and it is a nice place to rest if you are in the area.

We continued along hwy 35 and turned left onto North Shore Rd. 
It is unbelievable the amount of lakes, just gorgeous out this way.

We happened to see the Stanhope Museum
and just had to stop to take a pic of the giant lumberjack statue.

North Shore is a beautiful road to ride. We turned right at St. Peters Rd (at the bridge), although now that I looked at google map you can stay on North Shore Rd then turn right at Stanhope Airport Rd and that would also bring you to the 118. Oh well, maybe next time. 

Anyway after the pleasant North Shore/St. Peters Rd. we turned left on the 118, Ugh! the road was grated and under construction, then it turned to gravel just before our turn off on Kennisis. We made a left on Kennisis Lake Rd . It was time for another stop, so we went past our turn for Eagle Lake Rd. and stopped at St. Andrews Ct. It was a dead end street, and there was a restaurant, Pub Chicken across the street (which was closed as I think it only opens for dinner) We didn't want to eat anyway, lol.

Pretty spot, a little peek-a-boo view of Pine Lake

Where we stopped at St. Andrews Ct.

We then made our way back to Eagle Lake Rd. This was a fun, twisty road with great views. We then made a right turn on Harburn Rd. (Fort Irwin: If you go left you can stop and get some eats just up the road)

Harburn is another great motorcycle road ride. Lots of twisties! But then the fun soon ended, the 118 was freshly paved when we made the right back onto it but a short distance up the road it turned to gravel again. It will be nice when they finish repaving, just not sure how long this will take. Maybe by the time you read this it might be completed. 

So just be prepared if you plan on riding the 118 in this area. Finally around Carnarvon, ON. the 118 became smooth again and we were able to enjoy the sweeping curves. 

We travelled along the 118 into Bracebridge and made a right on Morrow Dr. Time for a break and we stopped at the Muskoka Falls public school. It was a long haul along the 118 and there really isn't many places to safely pull over for a rest stop. 

If you want a little more scenic stop just head a little further up the road to Muskoka Falls Beach. There is usually lots of people there and parking is limited. When we passed by I was correct and glad we had a rest where we did. lol

It was here that we decided to forgo the route I had planned and to just hook onto hwy 11 after we filled up at the gas station on Cedar Lane.  I will save that extended Cedar Lane back road route for another ride. I have to admit, I was tired and just wanted to get home the quickest way. Might have to start planning 2 day trips when riding this many miles LOL

Until next time... Keep

Cruising Through Life & Enjoying The Ride

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