Monday, April 28, 2014

Poetry Interlude

Shadows of Life

I am but a shadow passing through life
Substance wanes wandering over barren land
The inner essence twists in strife

Flickering light casts its familiar glow
As I cease to exist and meld within the sand
Slipping deeper into the darkness below

2014 - TFC (April 22)

What is, Love

Love is, the leaves sweeping across the land in a cool gentle breeze
Love is, a blanket of snow covering the earth protecting all that is beneath
Love is, the bud on a tree entering a tranquil life of purpose
Love is, an early morning dew sparking in bursting rays of sunshine
Love is, a flower on a warm summers day outstretched petals to the sun

You are the breeze that sweeps across me
You are the snow and I the earth
You are the tree and I the bud
You are the sun and I the dew
I am the flower yearning for your tender caress

1994 SM-TFC

1 comment:

  1. Both poems are quite nice, but I especially enjoyed the first one.