Monday, May 5, 2014

Poetry Interlude - The Storm

The Storm

The playful breeze turned angry, 
until it was slowly churning gentle waters;
The momentum of wind gained force and sent once peaceful hands of water, 
protesting their new disturbance on a violent rage towards protruding jagged rock;
Rolling clouds of darkness shadowed the fiery ball of sun;
Sudden flashes of brilliant white streaked the darkening sky, rumbles echoed in the distance;
Wild energy buzzed, as a mighty explosion sounded, 
opening the heavens to let swollen drops cascade to earth;
As waters grew violent, foam spit from its murky depth;
The nocturnal day was interrupted by the frenzy of illuminated white, piercing claps broke through the blackness, as the uncontrollable wind whipped at the earth, ruling with all its

Copyright – 1998 SM :TFC
Poem was published in New American Poetry Anthology – John Campbell, Editor & Publisher 

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  1. "Nocturnal day" paints such a lovely image, as do all the lines, but that phrase strikes me as my favorite.