Saturday, February 15, 2014

2011 – Heading south, yippee!

-The Trip
This year we are heading out in January and we decided to take the RV trailer, thought it might be easier to stay overnight in the trailer than rent a room with my three cats. 

Of course we left yet again in a snowstorm…. We stopped at a RV site in Berea Kentucky, it was called ‘Oh Kentucky’, nice place, or at least I think it was, it was pretty dark by the time we stopped around 7pm. Reasonable though, cheaper than a hotel room. The RV is a ‘Toy Hauler’ so it has that additional space for our bikes :) We made it to the welcome centre on the Florida border around 7:30 pm so we decided to stop there in the parking lot for the night (We still have another 5-6 hours of driving before we get to our house) – I didn’t get much sleep that night because a tractor trailer parked next to us and all I heard was the engine running. Overall it wasn’t bad coming down towing the RV. (Easy for me to say, I wasn't the one driving it :) It  takes a bit longer towing and of course it does cost more in gas… so was there any savings, probably not. 

Looking forward to spending more time on the motorbikes now that the house is put together J

- The Garden
The three palm trees that we had planted along the driveway last year had gotten frost and died! [Sad but true, Florida can and does get frost!] So first priority is to get some new palms. We went back to the guy who sold us them the first time, he actually told us that the kind we had gotten were not very hardy (you would think he would of mentioned that the first time!) so we specifically asked for Palm trees that could handle some frost! – Maybe that is how he makes his money… 

I actually like the style of these palm trees much better. Now if I could only remember the name…
(the one on the right is the new one)

- Motorcycle Tours
Got my bearings on my bike again, (after all I hadn’t rode since the summer and for me summer ends abruptly at the end of August!) Our routine is for the first outing to just ride close around the neighbourhood then venture out from there. It is true, the more you do it the more comfortable and less nervous you get :)

Our most memorable tours:

Our first little tour was to the  Ochopee Post Office in Collier County (Tamiami Trail #41) Apparently it is the smallest operating Post Office in the US.
We then went a little further down 41 to see the alligators. Very cool…

Went on the bikes to go mini golf in Fort Myers – I won J

Another tour was to Lake Okeechobee, it is the largest freshwater lake in Florida. Actually we drove through Clewiston, and then stopped at a park, the canal blocked the view of the actual lake. In the distance you can barely make out the actual lake, but it is there. We plan one day to go around the entire lake. 

One of our favourite “mini” rides is SR 31 to North River Road (78)  to Alva or sometimes go further and head to LaBelle. It has some curves and there is not a lot of traffic. It has nice scenery too and we like to stop along the river for a little break.

- The Goodbye
Well it is that time again, time to head back, guess all good things must come to an end L  Until next time….

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