Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 -Chattering teeth and motorcycles...

Is it just me? 
I am just one of those overly sensitive people who cannot even stand the slightest bit of cold. (I can get cold from having a ceiling fan on in the summer…) I could almost have gloves on while working at my computer this morning. No, I am not in the frozen Canadian north, I am actually sitting in Florida and this morning I woke up to a temperature of only 9 C (48.2 F) !

(This year has been the worst for all around bad weather in Florida. Maybe there is something to Global Warming, only I could never figure out why the heck they call it warming as it seems anything but warm). 

Ok I admit it, I am a ‘fair weather’ biker. If the temperature and wind speed is not right and the sun is not shining I just won’t go out on my motorcycle. Must sound crazy to those ‘hard core’ bikers out there who ride their bikes like they belong to the Mailman’s union. 

I was looking forward to my first motorcycle ‘meet up’ ( is an online community with groups and clubs for all kinds of interests that you can join) with the Rebel Riders Motorcycle Club. But I just couldn’t get past how cold it was this morning.
My teeth would be chattering out of my head if I tried to go out this morning. 

Honestly, I would need a snowsuit to get on my bike!

Lucky this group does this particular ride once a month, so I signed up for the one in March. I sure hope that the weather improves! 

Please feel free to let me know if you are as frozen as this Canuck is !

The journey continues further south

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