Friday, February 14, 2014

the back story on the Frozen Canuck... update 4/14

A frozen Canadian trying to find the warmth of the sun….

Right now I am living in a small community located about 3 hours north of Toronto Ontario. It is beautiful here, lots of open space, a place where you can breathe. (Personally it was not so much as a choice to move so far north, but hey what can I say, I followed love)

The only draw back, winter’s are long and cold, not to mention the amount of snow that falls here

I am not what you call a ‘typical’ Canadian – I have absolutely no interest in hockey or curling or any other sport or activity that involves being outdoors in temperatures under 20 C (68 F) !  That is right, I don’t like to ski or snowmobile either.

Yes, I was actually born and raised in Canada, and don’t get me wrong, I love Canada but damn our winters are long!!!!  When you consider I start lighting the fireplace at the end of August when the nights can get cooler and continue through until the end of May…. Yes, I kid you not!

I usually start to hibernate at the beginning of October, I only go out when I absolutely have to, like to get more food… other than that I am an elusive creature.

Growing up I always thought that somehow the ‘stork’ dropped me off in the wrong country, that I was supposed to be somewhere tropical and warm, a place where my feet would stay warm without having thick fuzzy socks and furry slippers on them… 

In 2010 we bought a house in Florida and started spending winters there. That is when my adventures begun...

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  1. I wish I could experience a month or two of snowfall! :)